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Do you need a Yuma, Arizona process server?  You've come to the right place for process service.  Our Yuma County certified process servers in Yuma, Arizona, can deliver your legal documents professionally and on time. From start to finish, our team is available to meet your particular instructions and provide the support your case needs.  All of our Peoria process servers are trained and certified.  We take a professional approach to the serving process.  Serve Monsters has been serving the legal community as well as the private sector in the Yuma area for over twenty years.    Serve Monsters has a staff of experienced and professional process servers ready to serve your legal documents on a moment's notice.

What Makes Serve Monsters Yuma's Best Process Server?

Monster Fast Service

 Cases Submitted To Our Yuma Offices Are Put Out For Service With A Registered Yuma County Process Server Immediately.  

Monster Quick Communication

If Any Issues Arise When Trying To Serve The Defendant We Will Promptly Contact You Once Service Of Process Has Been Completed. You Will Receive Service Status By Email, Text Or Telephone On The Day Of Service.  

24 Hour Process Server

Serving All Types Of Legal Documents 7 Days A Week At All Hours. Our Process Servers Are Ready To Serve Your Papers On A Moments Notice.  .

We Have The Capability & Flexibility


They Can Run, But They Cant Hide

Serve Monsters was founded with several things in mind.

  • Monster perfection in customer service in the service of process field.  
  • Treating each and every client as our primary client and ensuring monster perfection throughout the entire service of process.  
  • Serve Monsters is able to offer superior service at a low cost in Yuma County, and in every other county in the State of Arizona.  
  • The level of commitment that Serve Monsters and its process servers provides to its client's is the best in the service of process industry. When you hire Serve Monsters, you hire monster perfection. 

Whether you are an attorney, out of state forwarder, or someone on their own (Pro Per), Serve Monsters will help you thru getting your papers served.  We offer reliable execution of your documents and have truly dedicated our policies and procedures to delivering MONSTER fast, accurate and affordable service of legal process.  Our private process servers are professionals who are certified.  Along with our reasonable fees for service you get "added value" that includes, Our staff of licensed process servers substantiates our high standards of work ethics, and is skilled enough to handle “hard serves.”  

While we don’t offer legal advice, we do educate clients on the proper way to serve both individuals and businesses in Yuma.

We Have One Speed And That's Monster Fast

A Serve Monsters route is a masterpiece, moving from one paper to the next, taking into account all the information for all of his/her's files that need to be attempted that day.

Cases submitted to our Yuma offices are put out for service with a registered Yuma County process server immediately.  We do our absolute best to hit each and every paper before our promise to do so within the time-frames given for service.  

At Serve Monsters, our experienced legal document servers specialize in monster fast and efficient delivery throughout Yuma. Order your service by calling our office now at  (602) 675-4265  to start getting your legal papers served in Yuma. 

All Star Yuma Process Server


Fast And Reliable Yuma Process Servers

Process Servers Providing Service Of Legal Documents In Yuma, San Luis, Somerton, Wellton  and the entire Yuma County, Arizona, as well as Tucson & Other Areas Throughout Arizona.

Family Court, Civil Lawsuits, Evictions & More

Process servers working for Serve Monsters understand what it is your're going through.  No matter what the purpose is, you can feel comfortable knowing that we will serve your papers professionally and legally the first time so that your case can move quickly and you can maintain your focus elsewhere. 

Serving Papers In Yuma With Honor

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Yuma Process Server Near Me

Fast & reliable Yuma process service

For fast and reliable document deliveries near you, contact a process server in Yuma. Serve Monsters professional process servers will get the job done right, the first time.

Yuma Divorce & Family Court Serving

Yuma service of process handled expediently & without error 

When you need your divorce and family court documents delivered quickly and professionally in Yuma, contact Serve Monsters. We’re both monster fast, and monster efficient.

Yuma Service Of Process For Attorneys

 Service of process, Arizona court filings, research & more

When you need your court filings served, contact the monster efficient process servers at Serve Monsters.

Yuma Special Services

Skip tracing, stake out services & more

Not all parties are easy to locate and serve in Yuma. We provide additional special services to ensure each party is properly delivered their legal documents. We provide skip tracing, stake out service, and alternative service solutions to get even the most difficult person served. 

Monster Customer Service

Customer service is the support we offer you (the customer) — both before and after you use our services — that helps you have an easy and enjoyable experience with us.  Customer support to us is more than just providing answers; it's an important part of the promise our brand makes to its customers.   

All Clients Are Primary

There is an old saying, " You earn your clients one at a time, you lose them one at a time." Made sense to us. By treating all of our clients like they're our primary client, we've established ourselves as Yuma's best process serving company.  

Process Server in Yuma, Arizona 85364

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Serve Monsters

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Yuma Process Server Near Me?

Our process servers in Yuma, Arizona also serve the additional Yuma County, Arizona cities.


Better service is here and here is close.

Process servers in Yuma, Arizona 85364, 85365, 85367 zip codes.


Process Server in Yuma, Arizona 85365

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Serve Monsters

6152 East Solstice Street, Yuma, Arizona 85365, United States

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Yuma Private Process Server

THE PRIVATE PROCESS SERVER PROGRAM governs the certification of private process servers in Arizona.

In order to be eligible to act as a private process server in Arizona all persons must be certified and comply with the requirements of the Arizona Revised Statutes, Title 11, the Arizona Rules of Civil Procedure, administrative orders and the administrative rules adopted by the Arizona Supreme Court. 

Each of our servers must also participate in on-going continuing education to maintain their Certification as outlined by the Arizona Judicial Branch Certification & Licensing Commission. 

The Certification and Licensing Division develops and administers certification and licensing programs for the Arizona Supreme Court. Division staff develop rules and policies including registration processes, qualification requirements, training, continuing education, codes of conduct, and disciplinary processes. 

Our team is here to serve your needs.  We strive to provide the highest quality servers in the business.  We only utilize Arizona Judicial Branch Certification Commission Certified Process Servers, to handle your papers within Peoria, who have undergone Arizona DPS & FBI criminal background checks.  This should give you peace of mind knowing our servers are taking care of your sensitive documents while interacting with the citizens of Yuma County.


Process Server in Yuma, Arizona 85367

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Serve Monsters

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